Jack Henslee's art has taken him from coast to coast and many a town in-between, but truth be told, he was born and bred a Texan. In fact, except for a ten-year sojourn amid the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, Fort Worth and its Lone Star ladies have always inveigled him home.

Of course it wasn't always sultry seductresses and coquettish country girls.

Jack's romance with art began the first time he was able to hold a pencil. His boyhood was spent admiring professional illustrators like Bob Peak, and as a young artist, Jack found himself inspired and impressed by the painstaking truth of realism and traditional disciplines. Largely self-taught, and possessed of a rare gift for detail and drive, Jack's early creative endeavors concentrated upon wildlife studies and Native American subjects. As is often the case with aspiring young artists, however, practical distractions developed. The wildlife and Native American art sparked affection within himself, but no true passion. 

It was time for a change. In college, Jack had turned his studies toward architecture, convinced by his peers and loved ones that it was impossible to develop a stable income as an artist. Visions of Frank Lloyd Wright aside, Jack's professional focus gradually shifted toward the more reliable and creatively-challenging trade of illustration and graphic design. 

After establishing himself and honing his craft for two decades in Texas, Jack was lured by the sultry perfume of desert breezes. His creative talents were placed on loan to the posh resorts and swank casinos of Las Vegas where he spent the next ten years as one of the industry's most prolific and sought-after artisans. He reigned at the top of an exclusive and extremely competitive short list of graphic designers, garnering countless Addy Awards for his clients, and acclaim for his firms.

Personal creativity grew increasingly weary of reading aloud from someone else's script, alas, and Jack became disenchanted by the exhaustive pace and repetitive nature of his adopted trade. It was while toiling amid Hilton billboards and Caesar's Palace tournament banners that Jack's soul demanded that it was time to apply his talents to a path of his own desires; it was time to devote himself to what he affectionately refers to as his "pretty ladies." 

And, in those pretty ladies he has, at last, embraced his true passion.

Here, in his Painted Lady Gallery, Jack invites you to share that passion; to find a favorite amid the grace and splendor of his ladies and leave, perhaps a little more enchanted than you entered.


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